THC-Infused White Chocolate Bars : Buddy’s Chocolate Haus

THC-Infused White Chocolate Bars : Buddy's Chocolate Haus 1

At the WEEDCon 420 Cup, Buddy’s Chocolate Haus was recognized in the Best THC Chocolate category for its cannabis-infused Strawberry White Chocolate Bar. The panel of judges—made up of dispensary buyers, cannabis chefs, farmers and cannabis CEOs—came to this decision for this coveted award after experiencing the white chocolate bar, which is loaded with freeze-dried strawberries that were picked at peak freshness. As a cannabis-infused chocolate, the bar shares 10 milligrams of THC per piece, as well as a small amount of CBD.

The WEEDCon 420 Cup was taken online this year, at a time when the industry needed a sense of connection, and to support the industry, people could purchase their entry tickets for just $4.20.

Image Credit: WeedCon Productions

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