Steak Sauce-Topped Burgers : A.1. Double Cheeseburger

Steak Sauce-Topped Burgers : A.1. Double Cheeseburger 1

To round of its popular Charbroiled Double Deals lineup, Carl’s Jr. has just debuted the savory new A.1. Double Cheeseburger.

For those unfamiliar, A.1. sauce is a brand of brown sauce that’s commonly paired with meat dishes. With its new A.1. Double Cheeseburger, Carl’s Jr. is hoping to shine a spotlight on this fan-favorite condiment. The new burger starts with two charbroiled all-beef patties seasoned with Canadian steak seasoning, and topped with a generous portion of A.1. sauce. The patties are then paired with melted Swiss cheese, crispy onion rings, and mayonnaise, all served between two toasted plain buns.

The new A.1. Double Cheeseburger can currently be found at participating Carl’s Jr. locations for a limited time.

Image Credit: Carl’s Jr.

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