See The Places That Inspire Architects and Other Creative Minds

What’s it like to go on vacation with an architect? It’s not all staring at Doric columns and flying buttresses, according to a new book of photographs snapped by more than 150 leading American architects, interior designers, and other creative professionals during their travels across the globe. 

Published by Assouline in collaboration with the Design Leadership Network, Travel by Design (280 pages; $95) gathers hundreds of images across 60 countries where the contributors found inspiration. Featured sites include ancient ruins (such as Peru’s Machu Picchu, pictured above), majestic natural wonders, cities, luxurious resorts, and other beautiful locations. 

“Anyone who knows designers, architects, and those in similar creative professions understands that most of them have a very broad perspective on the nature of design, and of their own creativity,” writes Design Leadership Network founder Peter Sallick in the book’s foreword. “They see things differently than the rest of us, and are always in search of knowledge, inspiration, and resources.”

In addition to illustrating the way travel can spark creativity, the lavish volume’s 350 photos supply readers with plenty of reasons to update wish lists for their own future journeys. Here’s a sampling of the book’s creativity-sparking spots around the world.

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