Retailed Airline Meals : Finnair’s Business Class

Retailed Airline Meals : Finnair's Business Class 1

It was recently announced that Finnair’s Business class menu items will be sold in grocery stores, marking an exciting time for the airline and representing a pivot in in-flight dining experiences.

We don’t typically associate flying with a decent meal, but Finnair knows that good food is part of what makes a satisfied customer. That’s why the airline always attempts to prepare high-end offerings for its Business Class patrons. Now, however, these excellently crafted meals have been recognized and are available in K-Citymarket stores in Finland. The first of the pre-packaged meals to be sold include the Nordic-Japanese-inspired offerings, which features smoked fish and mushroom risotto, and roasted carrots with blue cheese mousse. The cheese component of the mousse is highly unconventional for airline-inspired food, and represents a cultural shift in what’s expected from flying experiences.

Image Credit: Washington Post illustration; Qantas Airlines; iStock

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