Oktoberfest-Themed Burgers : Wiesn King

Oktoberfest-Themed Burgers : Wiesn King 1

The Burger King Germany Wiesn King sandwich has been announced by the QSR brand as a new celebratory burger for consumers who are looking for an alternative way to mark Oktoberfest this year. The sandwich features a beef patty that has been topped with a Bavarian-style cheese spread along with onions, mustard and pickles all on a sesame seed bun. This creates a satisfying burger that’s authentic in formula thanks to its biergarten-inspired recipe.

The Burger King Germany Wiesn King sandwich is one of several themed food products being created this year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to help consumers celebrate at home or in an alternative manner. The burger comes in response to the cancelation of Oktoberfest in Germany to offer patrons a new way to celebrate.

Image Credit: Burger King Germany

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