Maki-Shaped Soy Cause Containers : Nam Yoon’s Soy Sauce

Maki-Shaped Soy Cause Containers : Nam Yoon's Soy Sauce 1

Nam Yoon’s soy sauce bowls are perfect for the sushi lover, adding a more playful way to enjoy the cuisine at home. Lovers of the Japanese fare may not have a kitchen that’s equipped with properly sized bowls, resulting in a make-shift soy sauce container that’s usually far larger than required.

Designer Nam Yoon’s bowls are the perfect solution, offering an ideally proportioned bowl that’s specifically designed to hold soy sauce. What’s more is that these adorable containers were inspired by maki rolls, and take on the same shape and design. The bowls arrive in a variety of iterations that were inspired by different rolls, such as salmon and avocado, or Cucumber, Crab and Avocado.

Image Credit: Moma Design Store

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