Low-Cost Premixed Cocktails : Mix Up cocktails

Low-Cost Premixed Cocktails : Mix Up cocktails 1

The Mix Up cocktails have been launched by the Kingsland Drinks company as a new offering for consumers in the UK when looking for an easier way to enjoy a classic cocktail at their leisure. The drinks are canned for ease of selling and carrying, and come in four varieties including Gin and Tonic, Diet Gin and Tonic, Pink Gin and Tonic and Vodka, Lemonade and Lime. The drinks feature a 250ml size that will be available at Nisa and Costcutter store locations for just £1 each.

Marketing Manager Nathan McGivern spoke on the new Mix Up cocktails saying, “With consumers increasingly shopping to ‘stock up’ their cupboards we have seen the pre-mix cocktail category grow due to the demand for multi-buys Much like shopping for beer; pre-mix consumers are looking for the convenience of having their go-to spirit combination in the fridge for when they fancy one. Mix Up has been developed to tap into informal drinking occasions where convenient, lower calorie options are in strong demand. We know consumers are looking for value. This range is an attractive entry-level, branded option, that looks and tastes premium, aimed at winning shoppers who are looking to have fun with their favourite drinks at an affordable price point.”

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