Light Dairy-Free Frozen Desserts : dairyfree frozen dessert

Light Dairy-Free Frozen Desserts : dairyfree frozen dessert 1

So Delicious Dairy Free updated its line of light, dairy-free frozen desserts to offer frozen mousse products that boast 330 calories or less per pint. The Light Frozen Desserts retain the same taste, texture, quality and ingredients as before but the line now has updated packaging and flavor names to better communicate the low-calorie value.

The Light Frozen Desserts appeal to those who love sweet treats with flavors like Salted Caramel, Cocoa Chip and Mint Chip. There line also includes varieties to suit cravings for fruity, salty and sweet flavors. The Tiramisu variety boasts a mascarpone-flavored fluffy treat that’s mixed with chocolatey coffee swirls, while the classic Strawberry flavor from So Delicious Dairy Free is said to share a “new take on traditional strawberries and cream.”

Image Credit: So Delicious Dairy Free

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