Festive Blue Cheese Hampers : George & Joseph

Festive Blue Cheese Hampers : George & Joseph 1

This Blue Cheese Hamper from George & Joseph Cheesemongers is a festive holiday gift for foodies with an appreciation for fine cheese products. The hamper consists of Stichelton cow’s milk blue cheese and is perfectly paired with Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crispbread Original crackers along with a Christmas Fruit chutney from Rosebud Preserves.

The Stichelton blue cheese is described as a “stilton-style blue” and is “produced by American Joe Schneider on the Welbeck Estate, Nottinghamshire.” The cheese is also produced by hand, resulting in a rich and spicy flavor profile. The hamper’s Rosebud Preserves Christmas Fruit Chutney is the perfect addition to the cheese and crackers inside, combining prunes, apricots, dates, allspice and strong dark ale, for a bold flavor profile that is perfect for the autumn and winter seasons.

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