Digital Halloween Platforms : Virtual Trick or Treating

Digital Halloween Platforms : Virtual Trick or Treating 1

This year, the way people celebrate birthdays and participate in holidays has been altered and many households will also be rethinking their traditional Halloween experience—and to acknowledge this, Mars Wrigley is introducing a new digital experience for virtual trick-or-treating. TREAT TOWN is an app that shares a totally digital experience, so that families can still partake in a favorite social ritual.

The virtual Halloween portal is set to open on midnight on October 1st and the platform will give candy lovers the ability to create personalized avatars, customized decorations and more. There will also be the option to virtually knock on the doors of friends and family, and experience Mars Wrigley brands like M&M’s, Skittles, Twix and more. With the app, users will be able to earn candy credits, which may be redeemed for real products.

Image Credit: Mars Wrigley

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