Deodorizing Face Mask Holders : nunubebe

Deodorizing Face Mask Holders : nunubebe 1

NUNUBEBE addresses the importance of keeping face masks clean and hygienic in any circumstance. It is crucial that it remains as clean as possible during the time of the pandemic. NUNUBEBE’s storage cases are specifically designed to hold face masks to prevent it from being in contact with more dust and dirt particles.

It offers high quality protection for masks that are both disposable and reusable. The case’s lid is notable due to its dehumidifying and deodorizing sachets implemented to prevent germs. It is also free of contamination due to its germ-free film attached to the interior. The lightweight design makes it seamlessly portable and measures out to be 8.2 by 3.2 by 0.2 inches to fit in any compartment.

Image Credit: NUNUBEBE

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