Deceptive Ice Cream Containers : hide ice cream

Deceptive Ice Cream Containers : hide ice cream 1

After finding that 41% of Australians have to take measures to keep their ice cream away from kids or housemates, Häagen-Dazs Australia came up with a way to help people hide ice cream in plain sight. The ice cream company created bags of “Trojan peas” that are actually empty and are the perfect size for concealing a large tub of ice cream. The bag, which is available from the company on social media, is intentionally designed to be unappealing and overlooked, as its packaging intentionally aims to misdirect ice cream lovers.

To show how ice cream lovers can keep more of their favorite frozen treats to themselves, the company teamed up with influencers and comedians to show the clever bag in action.

Image Credit: Häagen-Dazs

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