Condiment-Inspired Sorbet Kits : Heinz Creamz

Condiment-Inspired Sorbet Kits : Heinz Creamz 1

For National Ice Cream Month, Heinz created a range of limited-edition Heinz Creamz kits that help people make their own “ice creamz” at home. There’s a different kit dedicated to the brand’s classic condiments like Tomato Ketchup, Classic BBQ, Saucy Sauce, Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise and Salad Cream, and each kit contains a condiment bottle and a make-at-home recipe.

For those who are looking to delight their senses with something other than vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream this summer, these options can be made with a base of double cream, whole milk, condensed milk and a squeeze of a condiment. There are options for all, including recipes for Heinz ketchup ice cream or a refreshing vegan sorbet.

Image Credit: Heinz

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