Coffee-Soaked Almond Snacks : almond snacks

Coffee-Soaked Almond Snacks : almond snacks 1

Diane’s Kitchen is introducing Daily Crunch Snacks as a new line of sprouted, soaked and slowly dehydrated almond snacks that are touted as extra crunchy, nutritious and easy to digest. Thanks to the unique way that the nuts are prepared, they are said to yield a higher crunch, and are easier for the body to process due to their reduction in phytic acid—thanks to sprouting.

The almond snacks are available in varieties like Sprouted Almonds, which are free from oil and salt, as well as a Cherry Berry Nut Medley and Coffee-Soaked Sprouted Almonds. The snacks are made with minimal ingredients and promise a nourishing way for busy people to enjoy flavorful, gluten-free, keto, paleo and vegan natural nut snack that’s fresh and full of flavor and texture.

Image Credit: Diane’s Kitchen

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