Candy-Paired Pizzas : pizza and candy

Candy-Paired Pizzas : pizza and candy 1

This season, many families are exploring alternatives to trick-or-treating and brands are stepping up to give people a safe way to get a taste of the candies they crave most—thanks to combinations like Blaze Pizza and candy. At 4PM on October 31st, Blaze Pizza will be treating those who come to a curbside location or a pizza pick-up station and say “Trick or Treat” with a free, full-sized CRUNCH bar.

This pairing of pizza and candy is being touted as a sweet and salty treat, and Blaze Pizza will be offering hundreds of CRUNCH bars while supplies last. To support safe pick-up experiences, employees will be following new protocols, guidelines and social distancing rules so that people can still experience the sweetness of the Halloween season.

Image Credit: Ferrero, Blaze Pizza

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