Biggest contracts in NFL history: Patrick Mahomes tops list with reported 10-year deal worth up to $503M

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders
Cary Edmondson / USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs didn’t just lock up their franchise quarterback by reportedly extending Patrick Mahomes on a 10-year deal Monday. They also guaranteed that the reigning Super Bowl MVP will reportedly be the NFL’s newest highest-paid player — and the richest in league history, not to mention the standard-bearer for modern-day QB salaries.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Mahomes’ deal is worth up to $503 million. It includes $477 in guarantee mechanisms and the ability for Mahomes to have outs if guarantee mechanisms aren’t exercised, and it will keep the MVP in K.C. through 2031, blowing every previous record out of the water in terms of total contract value. Consider that the previously highest-paid player in terms of total value, the Atlanta Falcons’ Matt Ryan, signed for half as many years as Mahomes when he landed his $150 million extension in 2019.

With Mahomes locked up — and loaded with cash — here’s an updated look at the top 10 biggest contracts in NFL history:

Much like the list of today’s highest-paid QBs, this group is chock-full of recent earners. Eight of the top 10 biggest deals in NFL history have come in the last three seasons — a true sign that rising salary caps do make a difference in terms of resetting the market.

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