Barcelona-Inspired Salads : The Catalan

Barcelona-Inspired Salads : The Catalan 1

Even if traveling is out of the question right now, you can still enjoy a taste of Spain with Just Salad’s newest creation: The Catalan.

To create its latest salad, Just Salad teamed up with Barcelona-style tapas bar, Boqueria. Together, the two brands created The Catalan, which is available for delivery or pickup from all Just Salad locations now through October 23rd. As for the taste, The Catalan starts with a base made from kale and red cabbage combined with broccoli and cauliflower rice. The base is then topped with antibiotic-free grilled chicken, roasted almonds, dried cranberries, and Spanish Manchego cheese. The whole thing is then paired with a fall-style maple cider vinaigrette.

As Just Salad’s Founder and CEO Nick Kenner explains, “We are excited to launch The Catalan in collaboration with fellow restaurant Boqueria to bring our customers a delicious new menu item that marries the best of both brands.”

Image Credit: Just Salad

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