Avocado Chip Chocolate Bars : Chips Chocolate Bar

Avocado Chip Chocolate Bars : Chips Chocolate Bar 1

Compartés Chocolatier teamed up with Siete Family Foods to create a limited-edition Avocado & Chips Chocolate Bar that shares the creamy taste of gourmet white chocolate with Siete’s Grain Free Dip Chips. The handcrafted chocolate bar offers a new way for chocolate and avocado lovers to indulge, especially if they have already tried Compartés’ Avocado Chocolate Bar made with 100% avocado oil. This collaborative new version of the beloved bar boasts “double the amount of avocados than ever before,” plus and a light green hue and fun packaging match.

The bar is said to be a perfect balance of sweet and salty, and since it offers a blend of textures, it’s creamy and crunchy too.

Image Credit: Compartés Chocolatier

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