3D-Printed Seafood Alternatives : seafood alternatives

3D-Printed Seafood Alternatives : seafood alternatives 1

There are a handful of innovative plant-based companies that are creating their own 3D-printed patties and steaks but Lengendary Vish is on a mission to offer 3D-printed seafood alternatives. A group of international students out of Sweden, Spain and Denmark are now collaborating on technologies to develop a sustainable alternative to solve problems within the fishing industry.

With a blend of mushrooms, pea protein and gelling agents like agar agar and omega 3-rich oils, Legendary Vish creates a realistic-looking alternative to salmon that can be used as sashimi or lox. Thanks to its unique composition, the product resembles the way freshly cut salmon has both red meat and white connective tissue pieces striped throughout.

Image Credit: Legendary Vish

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